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About HipDonkey

How often do you run out of hands?

Four seasons in a day? You’ll take your jacket with you, but you won’t wear it constantly. And whether you are in the city, walking, cycling or traveling: it soon becomes a handful.


With HipDonkey you don’t need to worry about that anymore

HipDonkey is a handy and beautiful leather gadget that will wear your jacket for you when you are not. And of course that also applies to your sweater, cardigan or scarf.

This way you keep your hands free for your purse, that important phone call or a lovely cup of cappuccino.

How it works

The HipDonkey is really easy to use. Just attach the clip to your waistband or skirt (you don't need to wear a belt), hang your jacket in the HipDonkey and attach and you are ready to go!



No two are the same 

Dutch Design, handmade from quality leather and available in two styles and thirteen different colors. So you’ll also look good.

The story behind HipDonkey

Your jacket, your purse, your cell phone ... you'll soon run out of hands. That is how HipDonkey was born: for city birds, walkers, cyclists and travelers. In short: for everyone who likes to keep their hands free.

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Customer Service:

Feel free to contact us for questions about the HipDonkey, shipment, Retail of any other questions.

Email: info@hipdonkey.nl

Feel free to contact us, if you have questions about the HipDonkey , shipment of other questions.